What we do

DNA Strategy

dna strategy means strategy

Together with the Brand Institute team, which we established in 2002 as a part of DNA Group, and

a group of independent experts, we form short- and long-term strategic plans related, but not limited, to:

building the value of brands and companies on the market,

marketing, advertising, promotion, including digital solutions, social media and e-leasing of shopping centers,

lreconstructing/extending and modernizing shopping centers and chains.

DNA Events

dna events means emotions

We strike the note that resonates in people’s memory..

An event becomes an effective marketing tool only when it evokes strong and positive feelings.

In our projects, we pay attention to even minute details. Small meetings, mass events, conferences, fairs, concerts,

fashion shows, galas, workshops, meet the author sessions, art exhibitions – each event has its own character, form,

course and dynamics, but in each of them, there is our passion.

DNA Digital

dna digital to profesjonalizm

Wykorzystujemy nowoczesne media cyfrowe, technologie i narzędzia aby jeszcze efektywniej komunikować się

z otoczeniem i wspierać naszych klientów w realizacji ich celów: marketingowych, wizerunkowych i sprzedażowych.

DNA PR & Promotion

dna pr & promotion means trust

We help our customers adopt a whole new viewpoint.

We analyze, gather information, discuss and recommend strategies, action plans and tools which match with

our customers’ capabilities and expectations. Together, we create and reinforce the desired images of companies on the market.

We advise on how to avoid mistakes and explore capabilities to their fullest. Every day.

DNA Design

dna design means creativity

We support our customers in the process of forging the DNA codes of their own businesses.

We help them build or modify visual identities of their businesses by inventing coherent graphic

and application designs with powerful messages and which represent the image and values of the company. Logos, letterhead paper, business cards, banners, advertisements,

websites, fair stands… We look at a company as a whole so that we can get to know it fully and suggest a set of insigne

that would represent company’s culture, values and team in the best possible way. Creatively.

DNA Social Media

dna social media means dialog

We transform communication into interactive dialog.

We ask questions, listen to the answers and build relationships less with communities than with PEOPLE.

We do this by gathering them around things that are important, funny, actual, interesting, things that unite…

In each marketing campaign we develop e-communication strategies, build applications dedicated websites, etc. All this is done not only in a modern way,

but also with traditional care for the projects we are entrusted with.